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What worked and what didn’t in Q3 2017

| 8 November 2017

Factor performance review at a glance

All factors delivered positive performance during the third quarter. Notably, Momentum factors – both Price and Earnings Momentum – were the best performing factors during the third quarter, with returns of 13.3% and 9.7% respectively. On the other hand, Value factors performed worst (after being the best performers last quarter), although still with positive performance. Quality factors, in particular Debt to Equity, delivered decent positive returns over the period.

Quintile spread performance: Q3 2017

Quintile spread performance: Q3 2017

What impacted performance in Q3?

The Q3 environment was reasonably friendly towards momentum and growth-orientated strategies. Despite increased political uncertainty in the US (amid rising tensions between the US and North Korea), the Eurozone region experienced robust economic data outcomes. Emerging markets experienced positive economic conditions on the back of steady global growth, modest inflation, US dollar weakness and a continued momentum in the Chinese economy, through a pick-up in
commodity prices.

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