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Satrix Indexed Balanced Funds

| 15 October 2021

Diversification is about more than placing your eggs in different baskets. It is about finding different types of baskets with different pay-off profiles. Holding many, correlated assets could leave you short of achieving your diversification goals when it matters most.

Our Indexed Multi-Asset solutions offer advantages in construction and management: 

  • Focus on primary drivers of long-term returns
  • Reduced Fees
  • Diversification

Download the brochure where we make the case for using Indexed, or Rules-Based, balanced funds. The benefits offered in terms of consistency, diversification and costs are clear; the performance of these strategies imply they can no longer be ignored. In doing so, we highlight the unique construction, diversification and fee benefits of two such strategies, the Satrix Balanced Index Fund (SAT-HE) and the Satrix Low Equity Balanced Index Fund (SAT-LE), and show the stellar performance they delivered.

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