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This section is dedicated to helping you get the information you need to better understand the world of passive investing. Eg: What is indexing and why does it matter?

    Meet Helena Conradie - CIO at SATRIX
    1 November 2013
    Helena Conradie, SATRIX chief investment officer, likes to do things differently, whether it’s developing a new passive investment product with her SATRIX team.
  • What is Smart Beta
    What Is Smart Beta?
    27 May 2014
    Passive funds have burgeoned into a range of styles and types, many of which were not around 20 years ago. The real interest today is in the more sophisticated, but largely misunderstood smart beta funds. But what exactly is smart beta?
    Fund Spotlight: Satrix Launches Low Equity Balanced Index Fund
    1 August 2014
    Satrix has expanded its portfolio of index tracking unit trusts with the launch of the SATRIX Low Equity Balanced Index Fund. The fund is a low equity multi-asset class portfolio aimed at cautious investors who require income and capital growth in the medium to long term.
  • Glossary
    Satrix Glossary
    28 March 2017
    Factors are measurable characteristics of listed stocks that may in some way be predictive of future performance. Probably the most well understood factor is the price to earnings (PE) ratio.
    Passive Investing 101 infographic
    29 March 2017
    An investment of R10,000 in the SWIX over the last 10 years would have given you a return of R4,500 more than if invested in the ALSI.