Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that understanding the source and nature of all risks that investors are exposed to provides a clearer line of sight into the extent and nature of the potential returns available. The marriage between this and sound risk management discipline is pivotal to reaching one’s investment objectives.

Meeting Your Needs

You identify an Indexed solution 
You know the specific index or combination of indices you want tracked
We offer the index-tracking portfolio, either as a single building block or a multi-asset class portfolio
You identify missing components in your portfolio exposure
You want to know how best to access this
We analyse your requirement and provide the optimal index-tracking solution to meet the desired exposure
You want to review how indexed solutions can benefit your portfolio
You need a full portfolio analysis and solution
We provide a detailed analysis of risk and factor-specific exposure along with a proposed customised solution that draws on our portfolio construction and risk management expertise

Investment Vehicles

A segregated portfolio (which has a minimum investment requirement of R100m) is the most popular vehicle amongst our institutional clients. Some of our institutional partners choose to leverage their scale to gain cost- effective access to our range of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), life-pool funds and index- tracking unit trusts.

For more information on institutional solutions, please call the Satrix investment team +27 (0)21 950 2100

More on ETFs

Satrix can offer an institutional investor a unique opportunity to instantly establish or increase exposure to South African equity markets or specific sectors, and track a benchmark with a single purchase either through the primary or secondary market.

Primary Market

Institutions can purchase Satrix securities directly through Satrix Managers. This is possible by way of a creation process whereby the units are created in the primary market in multiples of 1 million Satrix securities. You can create Satrix units in the following two ways:

1. A creation in specie
The institution will deliver the underlying constituents (shares) that make up 1 million Satrix units (1 million Satrix units represent one basket) in exchange for 1 million Satrix units.

2. A creation in cash
The institution purchases Satrix units with cash. The redemption process is simply a reverse of the creation process.

Secondary Market

Institutions can purchase Satrix in the secondary market through a broker or from the Satrix Market Makers.

If you would like to invest in Satrix ETFs directly with Satrix Managers in the primary market or require further information you can contact us on +27 (0)11 784 0641 or email us at institutional@satrix.co.za.